Who are we?

A guy from rural Japan meets up with a prairie girl from Manitoba in a crowded city called Tokyo.  And the rest is history…!   

We’ve been travelling together back and forth between Japan and Canada for several years now… And this time, we’re bringing our favorite treats from over there, to you over here!

We have worked hard to create a delicious and authentically Japanese experience!

We hope you will enjoy our Tokyo street-style crepes, sandwiches, cakes and teas!


What does our name mean?  TOKYO RABBIT

TOKYO:  One of the world’s largest cities, dynamic and dazzling with brilliant lights and spectacles!  Both exhilarating and exhausting, this city is a confusing combination of the old and the new, passionate and contradictory with every step you take.

And as if that isn’t enough, many people say that this city is the place of origin for OBANYAKI!  A man started selling these treats around 300 years ago on a bridge between the then small Tokyo Town and it's neighbouring town across the river.

Our little shop is your bridge to TOKYO!

RABBIT:  In the West, many people know the phrase "the man in the moon"  but just to prove that everything really comes down to perception, Japanese people see a RABBIT in the moon!  And this is not your typical everyday rabbit, he is a very talented rabbit!  He is actually making some sweets up there!

Therefore the rabbit has come to be connected with sweets and treats since before people can remember.  And now this rabbit has reached WINNIPEG!