Katsu Sando....  What is it??

It's a FRIED PORK SANDWICH.  $6.00 (gst & pst included) 

In Japanese, "KATSU" means pork, and "SANDO" is short for sandwich.  We take a piece of tenderloin pork, put some breading on it, and fry it in a pan.  Then it's topped with a healthy handful of fresh cabbage, Japanese Tonkatsu sauce (a slightly sweet barbeque sauce), and served up on a bun. 

So try something different for lunch today - pick up a KATSU SANDO! 

Spicy mustard or "KARASHI" comes standard in Japan, but it's optional here.  It's a horseradish-type of spicy, if you put on a lot, it'll clear your sinuses right up!