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Here are 10 popular crepe options to pick from.  But feel free to customize any and all of the ingredients to make your crepe exactly hit the spot!

Our most popular item?

Depends on the town we're in, but the custard always sells out.

It's homemade by Hiro, using around 100 egg yolks per batch, real vanilla beans and a lot of gumption to whip it up with an old fashioned whisk to get it to just the right creaminess with the not-too-sweet sweetness.

Our fruit?

Nothing beats good ol' plain, chopped fruit!  But for those who don't like the tartness, we always have a batch of berries that we mix up with a sweet glaze.  If you don't specify, we usually put in a combination of the two.

The crepe itself?

Made from scratch from our own recipe with just 6 simple ingredients.  No preservatives or artificial flavours.  We believe that the best food often comes from the simplest recipe (which is often the hardest to come up with!)


Unfortunately we do not have gluten-free options.  Due to the small size of this kitchen on wheels, the risk of cross contamination is too high to confidently say we can produce 100% GF products.

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