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Tokyo Rabbit

Since 2012 we have been crafting each made-to-order crepe from scratch.  Hoping to make food that you can't easily get anywhere else, something special to mark your day, we put our hearts and souls into this food.

I dreamed up this business in post-tsunami Japan.  I intended to sell a Japanese treat called Obanyaki, but being told that my imported grill would never get licensed here, forced me to redirect the project to Hiro's idea of selling Japanese style crepes.  After hearing people energetically exclaim how these were the best crepes they'd ever had, I've come to believe it was all meant to be!

We are eternally grateful to all those who have stood in line through rain or shine to partake in our passion for good food, and indebted to the precious group of individuals who have worked tirelessly to keep this dream alive.  Thank you!



Food brings us together

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